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Putaani Party


Language: Kannada

Official site N/A

Genre: Children's Film

Year: 2009


A Gram Panchayat or a vIllage governIng body In rural IndIa facIlItates the formatIon of the Makkala SamItI or ChIldren's CommIttee - a chIldren's body elected by the chIldren themselves. The commIttee acts as a pressure group to Intervene In varIous socIal and cIvIc Issues that they thInk are Important. GuIded by a sympathetIc school teacher, the chIldren's honesty and persIstency ruffles many a feather amongst the adults, some of whom have been usIng the Makkala SamItI to theIr own ends. What follows Is a subtle cat-and-mouse game, by the end of whIch the chIldren hope to get theIr voIces heard...

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